Customized One on One Nutrition Coaching (Online)

We begin the program by collaboratively creating a nutrition program tailored to your daily life routine, personal health goals and your specific needs. We continuously track your progress online through WhatsApp and synchronized daily food diaries, so that you can easily apply the program and more importantly, make this new nutrition approach a sustainable lifestyle.

We create your personalized meal plans on a daily basis and dynamically track and change them as needed. While doing so, we select practical food choices that you can prepare yourself and apply with ease.

During the program, you can ask me your questions and get online support throughout my working hours (weekdays between 9 am – 6pm).

The investment options for this program are:
444 GBP per month
999 GBP per 3 months

Let’s Start

You can contact me to get more detailed information and to start the program.

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